Brick-Eze Retaining Wall System

Brick-eze Block

Standard Block

L 230mm | W 110mm | H 76mm


Brick-Eze Brochure Brick-Eze Brochure (384 KB)

Masonry and Slate is now supplying bricks manufactured from 85% of recycled materials. These bricks, 230x76x110, are light weight which offer increased benefits over dense weight bricks such as OH&S and improved productivity. The average weight of a cored clay brick and a concrete common is 3 kg ea. but the TSB™ brick is on average 35% lighter than either clay or concrete bricks, an average of 50kg per square meter less. Brick-eze is cheaper to transport and involve less truck movements thus having a positive impact on fuel consumption and road congestion. No quarried material is used in manufacture of Brick-eze which is hugely beneficial for our environment and they are 100% recyclable.