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Easygreen garden walls and frame

Just in .... this innovative new product called Easygreen ... It looks beautiful, natural but no maintenance. Yep that's right, no watering, no pruning no looking after and look great all the time.

There are so many applications to Easygreen that will have your interior space looking like an outdoor oasis. Anything from the evre popular garden walls, moss walls, foliage walls  to simple garden  frames, planters, bonsai ... really up to your imagination.

This product is 100% natural ... yes it uses real foliage that has been preserved to give you maximum and cost effective impact given that you don't need to pay for any maintenance. No watering, no fertilising, no pruning ... just enjoy it!

If you want more details about the product .... see Easygreen details here. You can download the product brochure there.
Even better, come and visit our our showroom. We have some gorgeous samples to show you.

What's really great about Easygreen is that it is 100% Australian made from their factory in Victoria. Not only is each work made from preserved natural plants, but each work is also handcrafted and unique. Come see for yourself at our factory in Blacktown

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